Paul Gerhard Heiden

Dr. Paul Heiden has 33 years professional experience in product development and Technical Operations in the pharmaceutical industry. He left Bayer after an accomplished career serving as the Head of Bayer’s Corporate Quality Organization with responsibility for Quality across Pharma, Consumer Health and Crop Sciences, providing strategic direction and leadership to all Bayer Quality functions. Member of Bayer’s Global Executive Council, reporting to the Bayer Board of Management.
He is interested in supporting healthcare innovation and operations.

Dr. Heiden began his career with Tropon, a former pharmaceutical subsidiary of Bayer AG in 1987, where he became the head of the Quality Assurance function. In 1992, he joined Bayer's Consumer Healthcare US operations as the Head of Quality Assurance and member of the Executive Management Team. In 1996 he joined Bayer's Pharmaceutical Division at its Leverkusen, Germany headquarters as the global Compliance Officer. Later as the Head of Global Quality Assurance and a Member of the Pharma Management Committee, he was responsible for the Analytical Development of Bayer's drug development pipeline and all worldwide Quality Assurance Operations. In 1999 he left this position and relocated again to the US on an assignment of Bayer's board to serve as a member of the Leadership Committee of the Biological Products Division, specializing in Protein drugs originated from Plasma fractionation and Biotechnology. In 2000 he assumed the responsibility of Technical Operations of the active ingredients manufacturing plant of Bayer's Pharma Division in Wuppertal, Germany. Moving to the US in 2001 he has served as the Vice President, Technical Operations for Biological Product's Berkeley, CA biotechnology facility and as Site Manager and Senior Vice President of Bayer Biologicals until December 2005.

In January of 2006 he relocated to Germany to oversee the Global Quality, Health Safety, and Environmental Management for Bayer Healthcare.
Paul managed this function as a member of the Healthcare Product Supply Management Team for 10 years. In 2016 Bayer reorganized its setup. As the head of the Corporate Function Corporate Quality Paul reported directly to Bayer’s Board of Management as the senior most Quality Officer of the company. After an accomplished career, Paul left Bayer at the end of 2020 and started Quawedo, a network providing consultancy and innovation within healthcare.

Paul received his Ph.D. degree of Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Bonn