Michael Schofield

IRLCA Limited
Managing Director
I joined IRLCA in 2020 and have extensive experience in Life Science Technology Innovation that heralds the Pharmaceutical Company of the future. Specialising in Life Science consulting, IRLCA delivers complex, large scale transformation projects for the world’s top pharma companies.
I lead IRLCA's Professional Services team, offering client solutions to optimise and reduce the cost of compliance through Technology Innovation. As Life Science leaders in compliance optimisation, we partner with clients to achieve operational excellence.
As an experienced leader in Quality & Compliance, IT and Program Management, I collaborate with multidisciplinary international partners to drive global programs to successful completion. I advise pharma companies in multiple subject matter areas including CSV, Informatics, and Shared Service Outsourcing.
As Director Technology at Ireland Chapter of PMI, I enjoy meeting practitioners from the public and private sectors to share experiences and to ensure the continued evolution of Project Management as a professional discipline worldwide.