Massimiliano Passerini, MSCh

Angelantoni Life Science Srl
General Manager
Massimiliano Passerini, who holds an MS in Chemistry from the University of Perugia and is a licensed Professional Chemist, has spent 20+ years in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry across North America, South East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East gradually expanding his duties from product management to full P&L responsibilities.
Since 2008 he spent 10 years in the US serving the pharmaceutical industry by introducing in FDA audited manufacturing sites cGMP-compliant equipment for sterilization and containment. In 2018 he took a GM role at the Life Science business unit of the Angelantoni group to boost the company performances in the Medical Device arena, in the plasma fractionation process handling/storage, and in the pharmaceutical industry by means of cold storage technologies developed, including robotic cryo-storage solutions.
Currently managing with full P&L responsibility the Life Science business unit of the Angelantoni Group with power of attorney under the direction of the CEO. Focused on achieving long-term success in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare sectors.