Margit Schwalbe-Fehl, PhD

Bridge Associates International LLC
Managing Partner
Margit Schwalbe-Fehl, PhD, is a Managing Partner of Bridge Associates International LLC, a consulting firm specializing in quality and manufacturing excellence. Since 2010, she works with clients in Europe and the US to implement robust and effective quality management systems, developing quality strategies and supporting organizational development activities.

Dr. Schwalbe-Fehl has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in quality operations and regulatory compliance leadership positions in Pfizer, Wyeth, Sanofi, Aventis and predecessor companies. Her experience includes creating and implementing effective global quality systems and processes across all quality areas to ensure on-going regulatory compliance with global regulations. She has interacted extensively with representatives of regulatory authorities in Europe and the US where she has worked and lived.

Dr. Schwalbe-Fehl was involved in continuous process and performance improvement projects and major transformational and strategy initiatives in quality and manufacturing which led to a profound understanding how quality and compliance must be integrated in all processes to be a competitive advantage for an organization.

Dr. Schwalbe-Fehl holds a diploma in chemistry and a PhD in analytical chemistry from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.