Lynne Cooper

El Sea & Critical Systems Inc.
Director of Project Management Services
Science and Innovation shape our future – and I’m lucky enough to get to spend my time at that intersection. My career journey began in construction but has lead me to developing diverse and strong teams who support our clients by developing innovative project solutions.

My focus now is about facilitating the quality system, creating efficiencies and supporting the skilled trades. The trades are too often overlooked but our work is showing all that with diverse fabric of community mental health, physical health, financial health and well being can be the focus for all!

My work supporting the build and transition to operation manufacturing facilities, in multiple locations, concurrently, has given me a great breadth of experience, many people do one or two building "work" projects in their lifetime, I only work and support the life science, biotechnology and innovation communities and I am proud of my roots and network.

Finish a project strong by creating the success path. I'm passionate about quality in manufacturing; the shortest path to regulatory approval is do it right the first time, that means a quality focus!

Construction can be a technology rooted industry, no it didn't use to be but, it is now and we have so many technologies that can create these efficiencies we need to advocate for ADOPTION of these technologies to continuously improve our sector.

My 20 years of project management experience began in commercial construction working on large and complex buildings. I then grew my career to owner’s representation where I work with both private and public organizations including start-ups. I also grew my team as I went – developing incredibly talented project managers.