Luis Hernandez

Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Associate Director of Logitics
A chemical engineer with biotech expertise, Luis Hernandez is an innovative and experienced executive with 20+ years of experience working for companies like Baxter, Shire, and Amgen. Now, as Associate Director of Logistics at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Luis leads and manages global cold chain logistics. Luis has vast experience in manufacturing, quality, new product development program management, and cold chain logistics. In his previous role, Luis managed a team of engineers to set up a manufacturing pilot plant, conduct the design transfer, and manufacture DNA sensors. He was responsible for overseeing quality engineering aspects of product development, from design inputs and risk management to verification, validation testing, submissions, and launches. Luis has managed teams of engineers responsible for cold chain operations, including cold chain packaging, temperature data logger selection and implementation, distribution lane design, and resolving cold chain logistics issues in the distribution network. His expertise in defending cold chain logistics operations during global regulatory audits, developing internal logistics procedures, and ensuring compliance have made him an expert in global cold chain logistics.