Laurie D. Jewett

City of Brentwood
Municipal Judge
Judge Jewett served as the Assistant Attorney General for 5 years after graduating from Vanderbilt Law School and served as General Counsel for all Medical Related Boards, as well as the Commission for Hospital/Nursing Home & Outpatient Center Certificates of Need in TN. After her service as Assistant Attorney General she opened her own firm. In 2006 she was appointed as a Criminal Magistrate in the greater Metropolitan Nashville Area. In 2009 she was appointed the Municipal Judge for the City of Brentwood, a large suburb outside of Metropolitan Nashville, where she continues to serve today. Her latest interests include the nationwide prevention of deaths on the highway due to substance abuse and distracted driving. She started a National Trauma Certification Program in 2021 w/ the Trauma Research Foundation in Boston, MA, which she expects to complete in 2023 - allowing her greater insights into the mental health issues of those she serves both on and off the bench.