Jorge Oliveira

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University College Cork
Senior Lecturer and Head of the School of Engineering
Jorge Oliveira was Assistant Professor, 1989–1993 and Associate Professor, 1994–1998, at the Catholic University of Portugal (College of Biotechnology). He was also Head of Projects and Development at the Inter-University Institute of Macau in 1997–1998, and a Founding Partner and Senior Business Consultant for the Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovaçao, S.A. (Portuguese Society for Innovation, a private consultancy company). He has been with University College Cork since 1999, first as Visiting Professor in the Department of Food Science, Food Technology, and Nutrition (1999–2002), and then in his current positions as Senior Lecturer and, most recently, Head of the School of Engineering. His research interests include product design engineering and affective product design; kinetics of quality and safety factors in bioprocesses; process modeling and optimization; and engineering methods for packaging design of perishable products.