John Easson

Spark Therapeutics, Inc.
MS&T Process Science Leader
As a Chemical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in Biotechnology process development and technical operations, my objective is to use my technical skills to develop and sustain robust manufacturing processes for medically important biologic products.

My experience includes roles spanning product lifecycle from process development through commercial manufacture. As a process development scientist, I have supported successful process tech transfers from lab to commercial scale and authored content for major regulatory filings. As a technical operation lead for CMO relationships I have managed major change control implementation and led focused efforts to improve process robustness in response to continuous process monitoring observations. As the point contact with CMOs within manufacturing operations, I supported the supply planning team in preparing for and successfully launching a major biologic product. The role expanded my knowledge of inventory and cold chain management, including expertise in cryogenic storage and transport for cell banks.

I am also committed to building the capabilities of the areas I work in through both mentorship and active recruitment of new talent, including leading on-campus recruiting activities.