Jessica H.

Patient Presenter
Jessica is a physically fit, athletic person with a positive attitude. She believes that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.
Because of her service in the medical field since 2002, Jessica knew it was important to log symptoms when she started to experience numbness, difficulty enunciating words and upper right extremity spasticity. When she listed her symptoms over the phone while trying to make an appointment with her primary care physician, a triage nurse told her to go to the ER with the idea that she may be having a stroke. Everything came back normal, and she was released.
She continued to try to live her life as normally as possible, but her symptoms continued to worsen. She wanted answers more and more. Though doctor after doctor couldn’t diagnose her, she continued to “stand in her truth.” Finally, after some nerve tests, she was diagnosed with relapsing MS.
At a consultation with a research physician, she learned about OCREVUS. She decided she wanted to try it and hasn’t looked back. She doesn’t let MS consume her. In fact, she continues to take care of her body and thrives in her new normal. Jessica supports the MS community by sharing her story and encouraging others to be their own advocates.