Jack C. Chu, PE

LeNova Engineering
Jack Chu has more than (30) years business experiences in Bio-pharm and Life Sciences Industries. After about (25) year services at Merck, Jack joined CAI (Commissioning Agents, Inc.) as Senior Consultant in 2017.

Jack Chu is a licensed Professional Engineer. He has designed and implemented many significant projects worldwide since 1985. Jack also successfully led professional teams as expert witness for many complicated legal cases relating to engineering, technology, and operational issues.

Mr. Chu is a leading expert in OSD (Oral Solid Dose Form) process development, quality assurance, facility & equipment system design and implementation, including manufacturing and technical operations. Jack is one of the strong advocates for “PAT Implementation”, “Single-use Technology Application” and “Continuous Manufacturing Process” for Pharmaceutical and Biological Manufactures. He brings many successful engineering solutions and recommendations to pharmaceutical industry and academia societies.

Jack emphasizes business leadership, technological innovation and engineering practical application as part of his business principles and business strategies in his professional career. He leads the capital strategic forecasting and business development planning. He created a “capital management and fixed asset lifecycle management system” in 2011. He built the HPT (high performance team). In addition, his CAPS plan is recognized thee “World Class Business Practice”. Jack continues leading the business to target on “the advancement of resources and technology collaboration in 2016”.

Passionate, Patient and Professionalism are part of Mr. Chu’s professional principles. Mr. Chu has a strong interest in teaching and mentoring young engineers, and he has been lecturing at Steven Institute of Technology since 2007 and Widener University since 2013. Jack is the member of Widener University Senior Projects Judge Panel since 2013. He utilizes his industrial practical knowledge and academic teaching skill to provide guidance to senior projects for their presentation quality and their valuable applications. Mr. Chu encourages students to gain the real-life experiences by engaging with professionals outside of their classrooms. Jack advises students on the internship programs to connect and work with industry/institutional experts, and to develop students’ skills for analyzing/solving problems.