Igor Falkovskiy

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General Director Advisor for Pharmaceutical Projects
Igor Falkovskiy, Deputy Head of the Pharmaceutical Projects Department at Federal State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices http://gilsinp.ru ISPE Eurasian Economic Union Affiliate BoD member.
Education: higher education at Physics –Chemistry faculty of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, specialization in physics of metals, low temperature physics, superconductivity.
PhD degree in Physics & mathematics
Total work experience in the pharmaceutical industry: more than 20 years in the field of pharmaceutical engineering, with specialization in sterile liquid and freeze-dried immunobiological and biotechnological preparations (vaccines).
Work experience: In 2000, he moved from a private wholesale pharmaceutical company to the “Moscow enterprise for bacterial preparations manufacturing”, which in 2002 along with 11 other production facilities became a part of the “Microgen” - National Russian manufacturer of immunobiological products where Igor worked as deputy chief engineer - head of technical licensing and ecology dept.
From 2006 to 2010, Igor worked as Deputy General Director for Technical Development and Capital Construction of JSC Biomed Mechnikov (Moscow region). He was responsible and participated in the reconstruction of associated DTP vaccine facility and fill-finish facility. ?? was also responsible and participated in the creation of a new biotech laboratory in the existing building of Federal State Research Institute for Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms.
In 2010 - 2015, he worked as a project manager, and then as a head of the sales in the Russian affiliate of NNE Pharmaplan.
After closing of NNE Pharmaplan Russian office in 2015, Igor joined Astellas as CMO manager in Russia.
Since May 2017 Igor works as head of Engineering & Design dept. at Federal State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices.