Hite Baker

O'Neal Inc.
Principal Process Engineer
Hite Baker has over 30 years of experience in process engineering in the life science industry, primarily in Merck Vaccine Technology, and at DME Engineering Consultants. He has extensive experience with sterile process equipment, facility programming, technology transfer and GMP improvement projects to ensure compliant and efficient operations, including upgrades to legacy facilities. His experience includes an array of sterile products: drug & biological products, lyophilized and liquid products and high-potency compounds. He is a subject matter expert about Advanced Aseptic Technology, sterile formulation, sterile filling, lyophilization and barrier isolation. Hite helped pioneer the first generation of barrier isolators at Merck and was a charter member of the original BUGS (Barrier Users Group) and LUMS (Lilly, Upjohn, Merck, Sanofi) groups in the 1990’s. Hite received a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.