Giuseppina Sandri

University of Pavia
Full Professor
Giuseppina Sandri is Associate Professor of pharmaceutical technology (Department of Drug Sciences, University of Pavia). Her research activity focuses on tissue engineering and nanomedicine and she is mainly involved in the design and the development of scaffolds based on biomaterials, especially polysaccharides, as dermal substitutes. Furthermore, she is working on the design and the development of innovative platforms to deliver hemoderivatives in tissue engineering.
She is member of the board of PhD School in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Industrial Innovation (University of Pavia) and the coordinator of a post-graduation course in cGMP compliance and validation in pharmaceutical industry (University of Pavia). She is the Erasmus Coordinator for Pharmacy and the Faculty Advisor ISPE Student Chapter at University of Pavia. She is in the Bord of ISPE Italy affiliate.
She is the team leader of two ongoing projects: - European Commission H2020-NMBP-HUBS-2018, Project ID: 814607 “Safety testing in the life cycle of nanotechnology-enabled medical technologies for health”; Fondazione University 4 Innovation – U4I: Project “Chondroitin sulfate scaffold for skin engineering”.