Frances M. Zipp

Lachman Consultant Services
President & CEO
Frances (Fran) M. Zipp is President & CEO of Lachman Consultant Services, Inc. Lachman Consultants provides compliance, regulatory and technical consulting services to the global pharmaceutical and related industries and Ms. Zipp delivers the strategic guidance and direction toward implementation of effective solutions to client needs. As an expert in compliance enhancement, she develops program solutions to meet GXP compliance requirements. Ms. Zipp has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, biologic and biotechnology industries from R&D through post-market approval. She assists and counsels Senior-level management in areas of Corporate Governance, Corporate Integrity Agreement Compliance, Consent Decree Negotiations and Resolutions, Application Integrity Policy resolution, Due Diligence evaluations (facilities; products; technologies), and more.

For more than 30 years, Lachman Consultants has been the leader in providing cost-effective consultation and remediation services to the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biologic, medical device, diagnostic and dietary supplement industries. With its strong and extensive cadre of consultant specialists and an unparalleled management team, its Compliance, Science & Technology, and Regulatory Practices provide the most expert counsel and array of services available. Lachman Consultants is proud of its tradition of supporting industry efforts to develop and ensure safe, effective and high-quality medical products. It remains committed to helping the industry anticipate and address its challenges through the development and implementation of practical, sustainable and cost-effective solutions based on the integration of scientific principles, evolving regulatory expectations, and technology.