Donald S. Masters, PhD

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Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc.
President and CEO
Dr. Donald S. Masters
President and CEO
Dr. Masters is President and Chief Executive officer of Artificial Cell Technologies. His twenty-nine year career began as a member of the Harvard-Monsanto Project that led to the development of the Biotechnology industry. He left Harvard to become the fifth employee at Genzyme, creating their successful Research Biologicals business unit which was eventually sold for $67 million. He left Genzyme to become the founding CEO of OxiGene, which is now a public company. Following his tenure at OxiGene he became involved in the information technology field, heading up the Biological Applications Program at TASC, INC., a $300 million per year information technology company, and TechEx a B2B exchange connecting University technology transfer offices to pharmaceutical companies which he successfully sold in 2002. After a period as a Principal at Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Partners, a business development consultancy and affiliate of the Medical Science Partners venture capital fund, he returned to the Biotech CEO ranks, heading up three start-ups: Bion, Inc, C3 Scientific Corporation and Esperance Pharmaceutical. Dr. Masters became CEO of ACT in July of 2008.
Dr. Masters graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Biophysics, Received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Immunology from Cornell University Medical College and was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School.