Dharti Pancholi

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Advent Engineering Services Inc
Chief Operations Officer
Executive leader with master’s degree in chemical engineering with emphasis in biotechnology and ~20 years of experience focused in biotech, pharmaceutical and engineering industries. Offering strategic business prospective for Biotech-Pharmaceutical industries with array of skills in visionary leadership and implementation of strategic step-up development initiatives to build, grow, and manage teams and companies. Technical expertise spans; project management, process engineering, project engineering, engineering management, operations, change management, process development, process automation, quality, and CQV; and working from all project phases (from PI to hand over/post construction project closure) including capital projects. Experience includes bacterial aerobic (E. coli, bacillus) fermentation-purification, anaerobic (bacillus) fermentation, mammalian (MDCK, CHO, Vero) cell culture development, purification, and fill-finish making recombinant proteins, and seasonal, pandemic vaccines, Biofuel, API and drugs. GLP, GMP, ISA-88, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 environments including writing relevant documents and executing processes. Active member of ISPE. ISPE Disposables (single use technology) steering committee involvements: 2021-Current Chair 2019-2020 Co-chair 2018-2019 Secretary 2016-Current Steering Committee (Core Team) Member