Deva H. Puranam

Head of Global Quality Investigations
Deva H. Puranam is the Global Head of Quality Investigations for Mylan, worlds leading generic drug manufacturer and has been with the company for 5 years. Deva is a graduate of Andhra University in India, where he received his master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry of Drugs and he is currently pursuing his doctorate degree. Deva also holds a master’s degree in management studies from University of Madras in India. Deva worked for United States Army Medical Research and Material Command from 2009-2012, where he worked to develop a Point of care diagnostic test for measuring Traumatic Brain Injury for deployed US forces in combat zones. After starting as a shift quality control chemist In his professional pharmaceutical career Deva advanced into various Quality leadership positions, including Global Director of Quality for US Army Med Research and Material Command sponsored projects, Global Director of Quality for Thermo Fisher Scientific Life Sciences division, Senior Global Director of Quality Operations for Mylan and Global VP for Baxter Pharmaceuticals. Deva participates in industry forums of ISPE, DIA, PDA and actively partners with regulators and special interest groups on key pharmaceutical topics such as compliance, quality, risk and continuous improvement. Deva passionately believes in Mylan’s mission of providing affordable, high quality healthcare to the world’s 7 billion people and works tirelessly to deliver on that mission. In addition to his professional life, Deva is an avid sports enthusiast and a passionate Bike rider. He loves the US Sports national leagues NFL, NBA and follows ATP games religiously. His favorite pass time habit his riding his Harley Davidson bikes.