David G. Lonza

Lachman Consultant Services
Vice President
David Lonza has been the Managing Director for LifeCycle Technologies since the end of 2006. He was previously President of Integrated Controls Group (ICG). For over ten years, Lonza held management positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He served as Director Engineering for PurePac Pharmaceuticals, Director Logistics & Supply Chain and Senior Director Engineering, Americas for Faulding Pharmaceuticals, and Senior Director Engineering for Alpharma. Prior to coming to the Pharmaceutical Industry, Lonza was a Naval Officer in the United States Navy. He is a member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). Lonza is a contributing author of the book <i>Good Design Practices for GMP Pharmaceutical Facilities: Automation and Process Controls </i>and holds a degree in engineering from Vanderbilt University.