Christophe Devins

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Christophe is the cofounder and CEO of Adents, which creates software solutions for unit identifi cation and traceability. In the 1980s, Christophe was actively involved in Gencod, which has since become the established GS1, and one of the key architects of the global standards for barcodes as well as a recognized expert in product identifi cation and traceability. In the mid-1990s, Christophe designed one of the premiere software platforms for product traceability and created his first company, ADHOC. When ADHOC was subsequently integrated into Markem-lmaje, a global vendor of industrial coding and marking systems, Christophe became Head of Applications for that company and co-created with David Carpentier the first software platforms dedicated to unit identifi cation and traceability. Christophe and David founded Adents in 2007. Christophe is regularly approached by international institutions for discussions around product identification standards and traceability issues.