Charlie Maher, BS, MBA

Charlie serves as VP of Manufacturing and Site Head at the J.POD2 manufacturing site in Toulouse, France that employs Just-Evotec's world-leading automated platform for continuous manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products. Previously, Charlie worked at National Resilience, Inc., where served as the Head of Manufacturing at Resilience’s Allston Landing Facility in Boston, MA, as well as the Project Director for the design, construction, qualification and startup of Resilience's viral vector manufacturing facility in Marlborough, MA. Before joining Resilience, Charlie served as the Global Director of Process and Manufacturing Technology at CAI where he enabled life science firms achieve ambitious goals for manufacturing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products, particularly ATMP products. Earlier in his career, Charlie served in the submarine force of the United States Navy where he commanded a nuclear-powered submarine and was the Chief of Staff of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Navy’s R&D facility for undersea weapon systems.