Bright S. Gnanaselvam

Bright is an experienced quality assurance professional and quality management system expert serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over two decades. From an entry level position, Bright rose to head of the quality systems in matrix, small to medium size companies, specializing in setting up quality management systems or revamping existing ones with critical quality system issues as well as developing quality culture at work.

He has experience in diverse work cultures on various continents, including Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He is known for his expertise in developing and implementing quality management systems, as well as his ability to foster a strong quality culture in the workplace. He also has extensive experience working with businesses across different continents.

He enjoys mentoring, coaching and developing the teams to improve the collaboration and work ethics in the quality management system set ups in multicultural work environments. He is adept at leading and motivating teams to achieve organizational objectives.