Brian M. Hagopian, CPIP

Clear Water Consulting, Inc.
Chemist and President
Brian Hagopian received his chemistry degree from Colgate University and is currently the President of Clear Water Consulting, Inc. Brian has over 35 years of design, manufacturing, and operational experience and is currently a high purity water subject matter expert, consultant, trainer, educator, and expert troubleshooter helping clients solve complex operational issues, assess risks, and address compliance observations. Brian is an instructor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center and is also a Massachusetts certified instructor offering licensing courses for industrial wastewater operators. Brian is a charter member and Past President of the Boston Area Chapter where he helped to lay the foundation for the Boston Chapter’s highly successful Product Show, which has won two NASAAC awards for “Best Special Event” at ISPE Annual Meetings. Brian is one of six people to have received the Hank Moes Lifetime Achievement Award for significant contributions to the Boston chapter and the life sciences industry and is one of 150 people to have attained the Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional (CPIP) certification, conferred by ISPE in 2012. Brian has led the Boston Chapter’s Student Development Committee for the past six years where student membership has quadrupled and the number of student chapters have doubled through his efforts. Brian has been an active member of the ISPE Critical Utilities COP Steering Committee where he led a team of experts in the publication of the ISPE Good Practice Guide on Sampling of Pharmaceutical Water, Steam, and Process Gases in December 2016.