Andrew A. Signore, PE, CPIP

Institute for Strategic Growth
Andrew Signore, PE, PMP, CPIP, DBIA, is President of the Institute for Strategic Growth (ISG), a business consulting organisation. His experience is based on a technical education, leadership of a technical service firm and entrepreneurial activities over the last 30 years. Andrew is a frequent trainer and lecturer to the engineering and professional service business arena, where he provides strategic advisement in the areas of Business Planning and Development, and Project Management. He has a long track record of providing service to non-profit, technically-based organisations, serving on a number of Boards and volunteer Committees at local and National levels. Trained as chemical engineer, Andrew co-started and led a successful engineering service company, which has served hundreds of clients over the last 20 years. He is also an adjunct Industry Professor at a leading Technical University. Andrew’s energies and professional passion is to help leaders grow their enterprises through smart and sustainable business practices.