Andreas Flueckiger

Andreas Flückiger, MD, holds certifications in General Internal and Occupational Medicine. Before his retirement from the company in 2018, he was Chief Occupational Health Officer for the Roche Group for over 32 years. In this function, he managed Roche’s occupational health and it its hazard assessment programs. This activity included standard-setting, auditing and teaching activities in the broader field of SHE, but in particular in occupational health. Between 1986 and 2018, he and his team have set health-based exposure limits for over 2000 molecules. As these limit values are direct drivers for the necessary process containment, Andreas has gained broad experience in industrial hygiene and containment solutions. He is has also participated in numerous training courses on the GMP context in which these health-based limits are used, in particular quality risk management in multi-product facilities. Andreas Flückiger is a member or honorary member in several professional organizations.
ASs a retiree, he continues to work part-time as a consultant mainly in the areas of occupational and GMP toxicology as well as exposure control.