Nordic Affiliate Biotechnology Community of Practice


  • To provide a professional technical group to support bringing together how different aspects affect the Biotechnology industry in the Scandinavian region. Members are welcomed from industry, academia, regulators and suppliers.
  • To provide a coordinated communication route from its members to and from all external parties (e.g. regulatory bodies, advisory boards, workshops, courses and speakers).
  • To bring together the fields in a forum to specifically relate the developments in technology, organisation and regulation to the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • To provide opportunity for discussions and reviews of technical guidelines.
  • To provide efficient time management for its membership, by specifically providing a platform for: workshops, courses, symposiums, and speakers for members within Scandinavia.

If you are a Member of ISPE you can also become a Member of the Biotechnology Nordic network.


“The ISPE Nordic will be the first stop for users who wish maintain their knowledge of all the technological, regulatory, commercial and operation developments in the industry.”