Goodly Innovations


Goodly Innovations is the creator of OptiworX, the award winning Pharma 4.0 Augmented Reality System.

The Munich based fast growing company is the creator of OptiworX, a shop floor proven AR system that offers many industry first features:

  • Vendor independence; The system can be installed on any line, from any vendor on machines of any age
  • Touch free installation. OptiworX offers a fast and adaptable installation that does not require any markers or connection to any machine
  • The “Dynamic Multi user” system allows you to change the team size on the fly or do save shift changes during the process (patent pending)
  • Multi Device support OptiworX works with AR glasses AR glasses, smart devices etc.
  • Unique proprietary AR constructor is a unique tool for user flexible administrable/editable, large scale AR setups
  • OptiworX is a modular System that allows the implementation of custom Data I/O using OPC/UA
  • Logbook/Audit Trail data collection; real-time export format can to a degree be adapted to clients specs
  • An agile company dedicated to just that: Perfect Augmented Reality applications for The Pharma Industry
  • OptiworX is easy to use. Simplicity as an added value.