ISPE China Annual Conference 2024

The aim of Shanghai ISPE Pharmaceutical Information Co., Ltd. is to transform the international advanced management concepts into technical guidelines and become the gold standard for the pharmaceutical industry in production and quality control through the cooperation with various national drug authorities, enterprises and academic institutions around the world, and to share the advanced experience of the pharmaceutical industry, explore innovative cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

According to the framework of ISPE China Committee, this conference will focus on six academic dimensions, namely Regulation and Compliance, Manufacturing and Engineering, Chemical Drug Production and Process, Biological Drug Production and Process ,Gene and Cell Therapy, and Supply Chain. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Ping, President of ISPE China Committee and Chairmen of academic sub-committees, With the authoritative guide of the industry as the core, it tells and shares the hot topics of the industry, targets and focuses on the difficulties and pain points of enterprise development, and makes precise efforts to carry out discussions and gather well-known experts and scholars in the industry to feel the industry dynamics.

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