2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference

Thank You for Making this Virtual Conference a Huge Success!

The 2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference delivered engaging presentations and case studies on cutting-edge topics with many opportunities to gain insights from top industry professionals. Check out the content below to get insights from the conference.

Distant Assessment on GMP • An Option After COVID 19?

In this clip, Mark Birse, Vice President, Technical, Parexel shares observations from an industry point of view on what regulators are doing

FAT Executin In Times of  COVID-19

What are FAT activities? Marie Menard, Process Engineer, CRB, answers this question during her presentation .

Introduction to Drug Shortages Panel

Diane Hustead, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Merck, and Chair of the ISPE Drug Shortages Team, shared some updates on this ISPE initiative prior to the start of the Regulatory Panel Session: Drug Shortages and COVID-19. In this clip, she shares some report findings on a main driver behind shortages.

Q&A Session Factories of the Future Track

With API’s made by continuous processing, can we start to tackle drug shortages with some products? Jean François DULIERE, Chair of the 2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference, asked this question during a Q&A session featuring all of the speakers from Track 1: Factories of the Future: Back-up Manufacturing; Contingency Plans; More Local API Production?

Watch this clip to hear thoughts from John Groskoph, Executive Director, Global CMC, Pfizer, and Martin Johnson PhD, Sr. Engineering Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company.

Novel Therapies: Developing a Single-Use Adenovirus Vector Process Through Public and Private Collaboration

Day 1 of the 2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference closed strong with the insightful Regulatory Panel Session: Regulators' View on COVID-19. Watch this clip to hear from Senior Process Development Scientist Youness Cherradi as he shares insights on Merck Group's collaboration with the Jenner Institute University of Oxford.

Practical Implementation of Medical Devices Apps and Digitisation Company Perspective Collaboration

Watch Now: María Jesús Salido Rojo, CEO, SocialDiabetes, shares how her organization is helping patients and the medical community access critical resources through COVID-19 challenges.

How To Run a Pharma Production in a Pandemic Situation Q&A

The 2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference kicked off strong this morning with Keynote Speaker udo vetter, Head of the Advisory Board, Vetter Pharma, and his insightful presentation "How To Run a Pharma Production in a Pandemic Situation." Watch this clip from the closing Q&A as programme committee member Gert Moelgaard, Senior Consultant, Moelgaard Consulting, asks what emergency procedures now need to be adjusted in light of the pandemic.