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El Sea

Website:  el sea llc sets the stage for smooth sailing

Supporting teams in the life sciences and biotechnology sector. Now time to train the next generation of facilitators!

Successfully executing with high performance teams takes practice and dedication to continually improve processes. We learn with every project and experience. Now, I can share my experiences with others to set projects up for success! 

We are a dynamic organization at the intersection of management, construction, and innovation. Our expertise spans cGMP, R&D, and CGT, and we take pride in being founded by a visionary leader. As a woman welder, we embody the spirit of empowerment and celebrate the power of the trades. Our commitment to ConTech drives us forward, and we thrive as collaborators in the blue-collar revolution. Our mission? Empowering teams in the life sciences and biotechnology sector, while nurturing the next generation of facilitators. 

We monitor trends and sync with the fast paced technology, we collaborate now, not later. Leading the teams with the technology to make educated and scenario data driven choices with transparency and teamwork.