ISPE Strategic Plan Summary


We are pleased to share the 2020–2022 ISPE Strategic Plan, which reflects an ongoing commitment to our mission and vision, and outlines our priorities for the next three years. Over the course of developing this plan, ISPE received input from more than 1,600 stakeholders across the globe—covering all regions.

This new plan will focus on ISPE remaining a leading authority for the provision of information regarding manufacturing, regulatory operations, and quality issues. Not only to issue a refresh on the organizational priorities but to make sure we are staying relevant and providing important value to our Membership base.

Mission Statement

ISPE is the global industry leader in connecting pharmaceutical knowledge to deliver manufacturing and supply chain innovation, operational excellence and regulatory insights to enhance industry efforts to develop, manufacture and reliably deliver quality medicines to patients.

Vision Statement

Provide solutions to complex pharmaceutical industry challenges through manufacturing innovation, member and workforce development, technical, regulatory, and compliance collaboration.


Strategic Areas of Focus

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain & Operational Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Regulatory & Compliance

Strategic Themes

  Leading Authority for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry
  • Build and Scale Content and Initiatives Relevant to Current and Emerging Therapeutic Modalities
  • Balance Portfolio of Programs, Products, and Services to Optimize ISPE’s Mission-Related Initiatives
  Building the Workforce of the Future
  • Lead the Acceleration of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Efforts to Develop the Workforce of the Future
  • Drive Member Value with Targeted Content, Communications, and Member Experiences Based on Professional Areas of Interest and Demographics
  Delivering Rapid & Relevant Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Information Globally
  • Design and Implement Global Digital Transformation Initiative for Content Development, Knowledge Management, Access, and Distribution
  Strengthening ISPE Operations
  • Foster Partnerships and Collaborations That Advance ISPE’s Mission
  • Improve Relevance, Impact, and Efficiency of ISPE’s Volunteer Operations
  Cultivating the Mission of the ISPE Foundation