Technical Tuesday - Overview of Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) 

Technical Tuesday

18 May 2021
5.30-6.30pm SGT | Online

The Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS) is an industry-led research consortium which brings together public sector researchers and global industry experts to carry out research supporting the transition of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to the pharma factory of the future. 

  • The factory of the future will be required to be more agile, a hybrid mixture of high and low volume production, and be more responsive to changes in demand and in portfolio. 
  • More nimble changeovers and faster response will almost certainly lead to a higher level of modularisation supported by automation and digitalisation. 
  • The industry will have to respond to new products being lower volume and of higher potency with sustainability and waste management as key drivers for change. 
  • As well as more agile manufacturing, process development and introduction to manufacturing will have to be much faster than is currently the norm, supported by the laboratory of the future and new tools for development and design.

PIPS is coming to the end of its second year of its first 3 year plan. We have developed a strong platform of new technologies and are now preparing for a further 3 year second phase which will focus more on the integration of the technologies into the plant and laboratory of the future, and on integration across the API and product interface.
Led by:
Dr Keith Carpenter
A*STAR Senior Fellow
Programme Director, Pharma Innovation Programme Singapore (PIPS)