Technical Tuesday








Technical Tuesday: Cell and Gene Therapy - Looking Beyond Autologous - Transitioning to Allogeneic

22 Feb 2022
5.30-6.30pm SGT | Online

This presentation will highlight quality attributes that autologous facilities have, and how these will be maintained as they adapt into allogeneic facilities.

Significant capital is being invested globally to design and construct autologous cell therapy facilities. 
These first generation personalised cell therapies scale out to cater for high patient population. 
This results in space intensive facilities. Many autologous cell therapy manufacturers are investigating next generation allogeneic replacements for their existing therapies. 

Session highlights:

  • Transitioning existing facilities from autologous to allogeneic operations. 
  • How existing buildings can adapt from their autologous to allogeneic operations. 
  • Attributes of autologous and allogeneic cell therapy facilities and manufacturing challenges in transitioning between these. 
  • How existing facilities will face challenges in transitioning to allogeneic and 
  • How new facilities can be designed to be adaptable and/or flexible to facilitate this development in a compliant manner that does not affect therapy quality. 

After attending, you will:

  • Recognize the challenges existing autologous facilities will have in adapting to allogeneic processes
  • Understand the key design features to accommodate future allogeneic process
  • Appreciate the importance of adaptable facility design in this new and evolving area.

Led by: 

  • Arantxa Lera, Principal Architect, Associate Director, PM Group, Ireland
  • Tom Bannon, Biologics & Advanced Therapies SME (Associate Director), PM Group, Ireland