STERIS WORKSHOP - New VHP® Surfaces Biodecontamination Utility Integration Methods for BSL Industry 

19 May 2022
4.30-5.30 pm SGT | Online

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STERIS WorkshopNovel approach mainly designed for BSL requirements to apply VHP® technology without stopping HVAC and not losing negative pressure cascades integrity between rooms.
This kept outside in service area technology for easy access and cross contaminations, permits to keep full HVAC operational as normal during fumigation mode and in pure single pass HVAC design also without recirculation loops allowing most efficient, fastest surfaces decontamination.
In just one single VHP® cycle operation, complete system gets 6logs surfaces biodecontamination through HVAC ducting, inlet HEPAs, rooms, airlocks, outlet double HEPAs/filter banks…


Bruno AZE, VHP® Applications Team Global VHP® Technical Lead & Projects Manager, STERIS Corporation, France

Bruno’s role at STERIS is VHP® global technical lead. He permanently provides technical and project design support for a majority of different Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP®) applications globally. 
From initial background in electronic engineering, instrumentation & process control, Bruno continuously developed himself through different industrial processes across such as nuclear or thermal initially and then did focus only within pharma industries. 
With his career spanning over two and half decades at STERIS, preeminently Bruno has been instrumental in VHP® products design for GMP Pharmaceutical, BSL and F&B industries. These have resulted in a symbiotic creation of new VHP® applications and OEM integrations range from flash sterilization, through direct injection concepts for Isolators/RABS/MAL, up to integrated VHP® decontamination utilities with Building Management Systems, which majority have now become industry standards worldwide and STERIS VHP® technology references success. 
Bruno also supports various main global professional associations on barrier solutions and surface decontamination + STERIS internally on technical and regulatory watch for VHP®.