Recent Developments in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing 



Biopharmaceuticals are getting more complex and manufacturing techniques must take cognizance of such complexity. A high performing and well-designed production plant is crucial for a satisfactory product yield and quality.

ISPE Singapore - in combination with ZETA Biopharma GmbH and BWT - is proud to present a full-day seminar on Recent Developments in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing. ZETA's insight into plant design and engineering as well as BWT's leadership in clean utilities will provide a holistic approach in planning plants of the future. (read more here)


Learning Objective


To gain insights into recent innovations in both technology and regulatory guidelines that have implications for manufacturing.


Key Takeaways

  • The importance of an accurate bioreactor characterisation with focus on the kLa value
  • How to leverage single-use and stainless steel technologies in an optimal bioreactor design
  • An assessment of the new WFI requirements from EP9.1 / EMA Q&A documents
  • Cold WFI Generation as a possible solution from a membrane-based WFI generator



FREE before 20 Sept 2018 | SGD 25 after 20 Sept 2018


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