CIP - Behind The Scene

CIP - Behind The Scene

Ever wondered if you've missed a piece of the puzzle for the cleaning process?

This Free Webinar will provide an overall picture of Cleaning In Place (CIP), from Planning to Validation.
Episode 2 of the Nd Webinar Cleaning Series (Contact us for information on the previous webinar on COP).
The Session will display a holistic view of CIP from Engineering, Science, as well as Compliance perspectives.
Experiences and Case Studies will be presented to support the theories and to better explain 'Why' (it's required) - which is the fundamental of 'What' and 'How' (to perform).

Conducted by

Pierre Winnepenninckx, CEO, No deviation, Singapore & Conference Chair, ISPE Singapore Affiliate

Pierre has a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University of Liege and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Universite libre de bruxelles (Belgium). Pierre possesses a scientific mindset which is complemented by the practical approach acquired during his years as an engineer. This combination makes him a perfect fit for Design and Commissioning activities in a field that requires science and productivity. Pierre played a leading role in the Design and Qualification of several process equipment in GSK Bio (2001-2011). Pierre started his Consultancy company in 2007, since then, he has supported several Commissioning and Qualification projects in Singapore and China focussing on a risk based approach and ASTM2500E guidance. Actively involved in the ISPE since 2012 he helps the association to share knowledges and best practices

Shan Shan Liu, Senior Manager, No deviation, Singapore & President, ISPE Singapore Affiliate

Shan Shan is greatly involved in conference and event planning, promoting ISPE, providing technical input and supporting the President and Affiliate. She has over 12 years' experience in the industry, mostly in process SME, CQV, project management and business development. She previously held the role of Senior Technical Expert within Novartis global engineering team. Shan Shan has lived and worked in Europe and Asia; she is a Biochemical Engineer, with a M.Sc. degree received from the University of Birmingham, UK.