ISPE BeNeLux PM CoP: Need for Speed in Pharma

16 June, 2022

On 16th of June 2022 a local ISPE BeNeLux event was organised by the Project Management (PM) Community of Practice (CoP). More than 70 people were coming to the event from Belgium and the Netherlands that was hosted by MSD Animal Health in Boxmeer. 

In response to Covid-19, the global drug development community has moved faster and further than ever before. The need for accelerated project delivery in pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing has become a common practice. Experienced Project Management professionals provided a real life examples of the impact of accelerated project delivery on project management and how these examples can be used to improve project execution and delivery timelines. Panel discussion with all the speakers concluded the event with in person interaction and Q&A session asked from the audience. 

Overall, it was great for all to learn about valuable impact through project context and essence, high-performing teams, sustainable speed, and collaborations in ecosystems.

Thanks to the organizers of the event, the sponsors and all attendees.

Need for Speed in Pharma 16 June 2022 - YouTube