Workforce of the Future – Adjust Your Company Culture for Success

Power and Led By Women in Pharma®

Learning Level: Basic
Time: 1700 – 1800 CEST | 1100-1200 EDT
Session Length: 1 hour

A new generation is making its way into leadership and entry level positions. Economic, health and geopolitical trends have created divergent outcomes for labour markets globally in 2023. While tight labour markets are prevalent in high-income countries, low- and lower-middle-income countries continue to see higher unemployment than before the COVID-19 pandemic. On an individual level, labour-market outcomes are also diverging, as workers with only basic education and women face lower employment levels. At the same time, real wages are declining as a result of an ongoing cost-of living crisis, and changing worker expectations and concerns about the quality of work are becoming more prominent issues on a global scale.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how we can adjust company cultures to prepare for the evolution of this next wave and motivate remote teams and the ever-changing environment.
  • Evaluate how our human resource policies reflect the values of this emerging workforce, while keeping the company on course to meet its mission and objectives.
  • Discuss how ESG impacts business strategy for sustainable business.
  • Outline how social responsibility impacts people strategy.
  • Look at the current motivations for employment, the frequency of employees changing companies and roles, and what the workforce of the future needs from employers.
  • Reflect on the current ‘ways of working’ and how we can support the workforce of tomorrow.

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Alice Redmond, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer
Pietro Santoro
Executive Consultant
HR,  People & Organization, Coach
Erin Zielinski
Sr. Director of Client Services-Medical Groups
Vice President Strategic Development, Marketing & Communication - Partner
PQE Group