Learning Level: Basic/Intermediate
Session Length: 1 hour

In an era marked by rapid digital transformation, cybersecurity threats, and sustainability challenges, Schneider Electric, proudly presents the upcoming webinar, "Next-Generation Life Sciences Facilities: Building a Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Economy while Embracing Sustainability".

This enlightening session will provide an in-depth exploration into the future of life sciences facilities, focusing on the development and integration of robust cybersecurity measures within the digital economy, whilst highlighting the critical role of sustainability.

Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of strategic considerations, practical applications, and technological advancements necessary for developing the life sciences facilities of tomorrow.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the evolving landscape of life sciences facilities and identify the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that come with the shift towards the digital economy.
  • Gain insights into how sustainability can be integrated into life sciences facilities planning and operation, promoting long-term resilience and creating value in the new digital economy.
  • Develop an actionable cybersecurity strategy to safeguard digital assets in the life sciences sector, with an emphasis on emerging technologies, standards, and best practices.


Sponsored By: Schneider Electric


Constantine Antoniou
Cybersecurity Business Consultant - Global Cybersecurity Solutions & Services
Schneider Electric
Jana Gerber
President of NAM Microgrids
Schneider Electric
Kurt T. Gokbudak
Industrial Solution Architect – Strategic Accounts
Schneider Electric
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