How to Identify, Understand, and Solve Hidden Production Issues

Learning Level: Intermediate
Session Length: 1 hour

Extended value chains and networks in the Life Sciences industry are becoming more global and complex, making visibility of structured products, processes, and quality data across the value chain vital for efficient tech transfer, scale-up, and distributed global manufacturing/fulfillment.

Implementing digital Continuous Improvement (CI) programs can help manufacturers get back on track to reach their goals by accounting for 100% of lost production time, regardless of the cause or system of record. Continuous improvement efforts can easily get stuck when you have the data you need but need more tools to understand it. Bottleneck and performance analysis enable manufacturers to compare and set priorities for improvement opportunities that increase efficiency.

During the webinar, we will focus on the steps for continuous improvement efforts to collect data from automation and operator engagement, identify production bottlenecks, and deliver operational excellence with increased utilization. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand Hidden Production Issues
  2. Identify Root Causes of Production Inefficiencies
  3. Communicate Action Plans for Improvement
  4. Create Investment Accountability
  5. Digitally transform operational excellence initiatives

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Sponsored By: Rockwell Automation


Delphine Croidieu
Information Solution Sales Executive
Rockwell Automation
Rene Zoelfl
Global Industry Advisor Life Science
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