A Pulse on Digitalization for Medical Device Manufacturing: How Digital Technology Is Reshaping Assembly Processes Webinar

Learning Level: Advanced

Digital Twin, Data-based Quality Control, Performance Dashboards, etc. The era of digitalization has begun, and we just started understanding some of the winnings. The latest developments will significantly impact on the implementation of new devices and the pharma companies’ production flows.

Being a machine vendor for assembly and packaging lines in the pharmaceutical industry, we consider mutual earnings implementing some of the many tools under the umbrella “digitalization” or “Industry 4.0” in the design phase and in the manufacturing process.

Along with a customer’s contribution and based on real case studies, the webinar will contain some high-level figures of what can be achieved as an assembly and packaging machine vendor and not least as a pharmaceutical company. Furthermore, we’ll share a brief look into the technologies behind and show specific examples of what digitalization can bring – e.g., a DIGITAL TWIN.

Learning Objectives

  1. Digitalization / Industry 4.0 in the pharmaceutical industry from an automation partner’s perspective
  2. A brief look into the technologies behind acquiring and using huge amounts of data
  3. The Digital Twin
How Digital Technology is Reshaping Assembly Processes for Medical Device Manufacturing


Jens Christensen
Head of Product Management
Stevanato Group
Sebastian Berninger-Lund
Automation Chief Designer
Stevanato Group
Anders Meister
Chief Sales Officer