From the President's Desk

13 November, 2019

Welcome back to our members, and welcome to visitors. 2019-2020 will be a year dedicated to increasing member value with the ISPE Delaware Valley Chapter focused on specific efforts:

Balance for Better Membership Value

It is a year of transformation, as we take your feedback and try out a few new ideas. Thanks to your positive responses last year, we will continue to alternate our Program offerings and Education offers, hosting one event per month, ensuring we are offering high quality topics and speakers while allowing you to balance ISPE with your career and personal time. Our Program events will bring you hot topics, cutting edge science, and subject overviews. This year’s topics include Single Use vs Stainless Steel, Cold WFI Use, and VOC impact on Cell Culture. We will continue to offer 12 PDH credits through our Education events (3 per event) bringing you in-depth coverage and a chance to ask the experts. ISPE-DVC continues to emphasize building deeper connections, bringing you Women In Pharma career panels, opportunities to serve with Habitat for Humanity, and opportunities to socialize with our membership socials, holiday party, and golf outing (including a new location at North Hills Country Club in Glenside, PA!).

DVC is continuing to raise the bar in other areas as well. Under the leadership of Jill Clark (CRB), we are bringing morning education sessions to our Annual Symposium and Vendor Expo.

Young Professional and Student Connections

We are proud to announce a few new ways of working to our Young Professionals and Students Committees. Jenna Eicherly (Laporte Consulting) is bringing her years of experience leading our Education Committee to redesign our Young Professionals program, focused on providing specialized digital programming and professional skills development like networking. New to the board this year, Jon Becker (RPA Engineering) is leading our Students Committee, working to fundamentally reshape how we connect with colleague students by partnering with established student chapters that align to majors like AIChE, IEEE, ASME, etc. His approach is grounded in the data that very few of us actually majored in “Pharmaceutical Engineering,” but found that career after we graduated.

Balance for our Volunteers

The Board of Directors has committed to creating balance for our volunteers as well. Continuing Kristina Pumphrey’s (Precis Engineering, Inc.) leadership from the previous year, we have formalized the appointment of co-chairs for our four largest committees (Programs, Education, Symposium, and Marketing and Communications). You may have noticed their names listed on the elections ballot that went out this summer. This creates dedicated support for our VPs and continuity within board succession planning. Each of our Directors at Large now have a dedicated focus that aligns with our VP needs, creating additional resources for our chapter. Further, we have committed to increasing our points of contact with our Owner’s Advisory Committee, and we have created a new Past Presidents Advisory Committee. This new committee will consist of the five most recent past presidents; thus it will rotate annually. The current Past President serves as the head of this committee and is the point of contact between the Board and the committee. We feel strongly that engaging our past leaders to advise the current board will provide a wealth of resources as well as help us steer a laser focused path to the future.

We hope you will join us in our journey of transformation, as we strive for balance to bring better member value. The 2019-2020 board of directors invites you to join our events and engage in our community. There has never been a better time to get involved!

Eleanor F. Small, Ph.D.
President (2019-2020), ISPE Delaware Valley Chapter
2019 Delaware Valley Young Engineer of the Year