About the Delaware Valley Chapter

The Delaware Valley Chapter (DVC) sits in the heart of the Pharma-belt in the Mid-Atlantic Region between the New Jersey Chapter and Chesapeake Bay Area Chapter. Established in 1982, the DVC was the second Chapter of ISPE to be created, to serve one of the most densely populated regions of pharmaceutical professionals. We maintain a membership of approximately 1,100 members and have been one of the largest and most influential Chapters throughout our 30+ year history with ISPE.

The Delaware Valley Chapter continuously offers new and innovative ways to serve the industry and its members locally. The vast wealth of industry knowledge shared within the mid-Atlantic and Delaware Valley Chapter can provide you with opportunities to grow your career, no matter which segment of the industry you work in. Whether in the research lab, architectural/engineering firms, Quality and Validation, medical device or manufacturing, or operations/maintenance, the leadership and vast network in the Delaware Valley Chapter provides life sciences professionals with the knowledge, tools, and leadership opportunities they need to support their career development.

Leadership and dedication to ISPE is not limited to just the DVC. Our Chapter members consistently contribute to ISPE International as board members, educational speakers and course leaders, committee and task force members, and seminar participants. Leadership roles in the DVC frequently lead to leadership roles with ISPE International, which can provide our leaders with a high level of personal visibility within the industry.

ISPE is an independent, non-profit organization led by the world’s top pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals. We provide an inviting and neutral environment for experts, technologists, regulators, consultants and students to exchange ideas and practical experience. As a vibrant community, ISPE’s Members work together to improve the industry, while helping each other make better choices, more quickly than ever before. As an ISPE Member, you gain access to special privileges, benefits, resources, and events that are only available to Members, as well as discounted rates to local and international events.

We support professionals in every phase of their career, from students and young professionals to established industry veterans. Recognized as one of the leading Chapters in the world, the success of the Delaware Valley Chapter, and the industry as a whole, is in large part due to this multi-faceted collaboration in sharing of knowledge and best practices. Come take a look, check out an event, and see why the Delaware Valley Chapter has earned its reputation for excellence in services provided to our members, colleagues, and friends. We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event!

Chapter History

The ISPE Delaware Valley Chapter covers Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware and part of Maryland. The second of ISPE’s North American chapters, the Delaware Valley Chapter was formed when it became apparent that there was a sufficient number of members in the area interested in local programming, but unwilling to travel to attend the programs of the fledgling New Jersey Chapter. A small group of volunteers, including John Cocco, Carl Rufino, Bill Brader, Andy Signore, Paul Hallamar and Jim Ricigliano, undertook the task of organizing the new chapter.

The Chapter’s first program was a discussion on “Commissioning HVAC Systems” led by Bill Brader and Chip Roletto. With 30 participants, by the end of the evening there were 25 charter members for the new chapter.

The first board, elected in 1986, consisted of John Cocco from Rhone-Poulenc Rorer as president, Peter Bigelow of SmithKline Beecham as vice president, Jim Ricigliano of TKLP as treasurer and Bill Brader, also of TKLP, as program coordinator.

The Chapter accomplished a number of ISPE firsts. It was the first to host a local event in conjunction with one of the Society’s national events, holding a reception during EXPO 1987 at the Hershey Philadelphia Hotel. Delaware Valley also was the first to develop an extended educational course, with the six-week program on pharmaceutical manufacturing in 1992, which has become a standard for other such chapter and affiliate programs.

Over the past few decades, the Delaware Valley Chapter has grown and matured. Today, the Chapter has more than 1,100 members, and offers a wide-ranging schedule of programs annually, including lectures, panel discussions, facility tours, a vendor exhibit, a holiday social event, and an annual golf tournament.

The industry has evolved since 1986 as has the world; we move a different pace and technology has had a dramatic impact on the industry. We encourage professionals from all aspects of the Life Sciences industry so that we can share experience and learn from the segments of the industry and apply accordingly at our work place. ISPE provides a rich environment for innovative approaches and solutions. We believe our Chapter is an excellent organization always striving to ensure the Chapter has access to all the benefits that ISPE has to offer and so that we can stay informed and drive industry trends ultimately providing value to customers...

ISPE thanks all, past and present, who have helped the Delaware Valley Chapter achieve a reputation for excellence!

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