Supply Chain Part I: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

COVID has completely disrupted traditional supply chain systems across the world, including in the pharmaceutical industry. The industry has had to adapt and change to the new emerging world. What does this mean for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)? Join us to find out!


Helga Salling

Helga Salling Traore

Senior Director, Southeast Region, IPS

Since the pandemic, Helga, along with other executives and SMEs at IPS, works closely with a number of federal and local government agencies as advisors on the overall pharmaceutical supply chain challenges caused by COVID. This work predominantly focuses on bringing back API, generics, chemicals, and Antibiotics to the US. She has also worked directly with several companies looking to establish manufacturing on key shortage drugs (that have not been made in the US for an extended period) using new technologies. In this presentation, which is from and business and trend prescriptive, Helga will share specifics on those experiences, the issues the API supply chain is facing, and what the future could hold.

Helga has spent more than 20 years supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies on all continents. She has seen the effects of the patent cliff for many of the blockbuster drugs, the rise of generics and biosimilars, and the increased move of manufacturing away from the US and Europe.


About IPS API Expertise

IPS is a leader in bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing and API facility design, construction, validation, and commissioning. API facilities are critical for the development and production of drug concepts. We understand the underlying technology, industry trends, regulatory environment, and manufacturing processes to enable our technical and operational experts to identify opportunities to streamline production and maximize efficiency. We shape breakthrough strategies that yield cost-effective solutions to achieve your business and project objectives.

Our experts design and build facilities that utilize organic synthesis to manufacture bulk active small-molecule products for clinical trials and the launch of new drugs. We have a solid understanding and experience in the design of industry-leading multiproduct, multipurpose clinical pilot-scale, and full-size manufacturing facilities. 

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