Single-Use versus Stainless Steel Systems – Or are Hybrid Facilities the Best of Both Worlds

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly facing severe time and cost pressures. At present, in order to react to new developments in the sector as quickly as possible, the focus is ever increasingly centered on time-to-market as well as modular, highly flexible production concepts for new biopharmaceutical products. During the planning phase for so-called "fast-track projects" single use technologies (SUT) are also becoming increasingly important. It is suggested, in search of the best possible solution, the industry should rely more on hybrid solutions and customized single use systems.

Lindsay Smart will discuss the advantages of these next level SU systems explaining details from several projects carried out by ZETA during recent years. The case studies will show how customized single use assemblies (SUA) and dance floor concepts improve process clarity and functionality, operator safety and maintenance simplification. Supplier "agnostic" concepts will be discussed in detail showing how the stainless steel "backbone" can handle generic single use bioreactors (SUB) and other SUA. It will be shown how process and operation ergonomics is improved by optimizing equipment arrangement, design and layout.


Lindsay Smart

Lindsay Smart

Business Development Manager, ZETA GmbH

Lindsay Smart is responsible for North America, Ireland and UK territory. Currently based in the UK, he holds an applied biology honors degree and has over 25 years commercial and technical experience within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, the last seven years of which have been primarily focused on the bioprocessing and biomanufacturing arenas. As part of ZETA's global expansion strategy, Lindsay is tasked with instigating and facilitating the start-up of ZETA's US office - their first outside of Europe - to offer their clients an in-market service.


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