Going Offsite: A New Approach in Sterile Instrument Processing

The new Interventional Support Center (ISC) will transform the way two of Penn Medicine’s hospitals clean and sterilize instruments.

Join us for a virtual online tour of this facility and learn more about Penn Medicine’s growth and innovation strategies in sterile instrument processing. HSC Builders, Stantec and Penn Medicine will demonstrate the improved quality process by moving instrument processing out of the traditional hospital setting.

The new Interventional Support Center (ISC) will transform the way two of Penn Medicine’s hospitals clean and sterilize instruments to ensure that surgeries and other interventional procedures happen with maximum efficiency and safety. This session will explore the drivers to the new approach; the process to establish the facility design; the upgrades to the building systems; the simulations used to test the planning; and the final facility design solution.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how complex hospital spaces are becoming similar to lab environments
  2. Assess the primary drivers, and pros and cons of providing an off-site central sterile facility
  3. Identify an approach to major building infrastructure systems in an offsite facility
  4. Review collaborative approach to coordination of design, equipment, and code requirements
  5. Identify and confirmation of governing agencies, sign off, and lines of authority for the approval process
  6. Discuss complexities of the construction process and integrated team approach

Event Sponsor:

HSC Builders & Construction Managers

HSC Builders & Construction Managers


April Cardone

April Cardone, MBA, MPH
Master Performance Improvement Advisor, Interim Director of Operations Improvement
Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical System

April has worked on several efficiency projects in the Emergency Department, the Infusion Department, and Perioperative Services since 2014.  Her most recent role was providing workflow design expertise to help build the Interventional Support Center (ISC). Before joining HUP, April was a Senior Product Manager at Philips Lighting.  She held various roles in the e-commerce and supply chain at Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems.  She received her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Business Administration from Rutgers University, in addition to her Masters of Public Health from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  April has been a Six Sigma Black Belt since 2007.

Chris Pastore

Chris Pastore, BChE, MBA
Managing Director, Interventional Support Center
Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical System

Chris serves as the Managing Director of the Interventional Support Center (ISC) at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Chris received his BChE and MBA from Villanova University.  Chris joined Penn Medicine in 2019.  Chris has over 20 years of Sterile Manufacturing experience with several Pharmaceutical companies including Merck, GSK, and AstraZeneca.  Chris will be directing the ISC when it opens on 2/1/21.

Carolyn Grous

Carolyn A. Grous, MSM, RN, CNOR
Director, PeriOperative Services Compliance
Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

Carolyn is the Director, PeriOperative Services Compliance at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Carolyn received her BSN from LaSalle University and her MSN in Nursing Administration from Widener University.  Carolyn has over 40 years of PeriOperative experience.  She has held multiple clinical and administrative roles throughout her career.   As a member of the Perioperative Executive team, she is a mentor for Safety and Administrative Fellowship programs.

Scott A. Huff, RA, NCARB
Principal, Practice Leader, Buildings Philadelphia

Throughout his 25+ years at Stantec, Scott has prioritized working in a collaborative team environment to develop creative solutions to challenges.  His passion centers on creating impactful spaces for our clients that embody their core values and needs, with a focus on design, experience, and efficiency.  As a respected industry thought leader, Scott has been published in Health Facilities Management and has spoken at the Healthcare Design Expo and ASHE PDC Summit regarding a variety healthcare topics.

Carl Shilling

Carl O Shilling, PE

For more than 25 years, Carl has focused on engineering design. He has completed numerous studies for campus infrastructure systems and has been involved in aspects of the evaluation process including survey, conditions assessments, analysis master planning, and implementation.  He has been responsible for the development of energy-conserving designs in projects spanning all facets of healthcare.  Carl plays a major role in research/instrumentation projects in alternative energy fields.

Jon Huggins

Jon Huggins
Project Executive
HSC Builders & Construction Managers, Inc.

For over 25 years, Jon has focused on life sciences construction with an exceptional track record of achieving on-time and within-budget project completions while also maintaining outstanding client satisfaction. He understands the complexity and detail of executing complex projects including Pre Clinical Laboratories, Cell Therapy, CART-T Cell Facility, Pilot Plants, and a variety of other facility types in life sciences. 

Keith Fleetwood

Keith Fleetwood, PE, LEED AP
Group Leader
HSC Builders & Construction Managers, Inc.

For over 25 years, Keith has performed and managed concentrated MEP systems. Keith focuses on risk management within the MEP systems by working with HSC’s preconstruction and construction teams during the planning, purchasing, construction, and commissioning phases of a project. Keith’s combined building systems design, building automation, constructability and facility start up experience and knowledge make him an invaluable team member. He also has extensive experience working in the Pharmaceutical industry on Central Utility Plants, Emergency Power Upgrades, and Biotech Pilot Plants. 

Michael Noonan

Michael Noonan, PE
Virtual Design & Construction Group Manager
HSC Builders & Construction Managers, Inc.

Michael leads the Building Information Modeling (BIM) and VDC efforts at HSC Builders. He guides the development of a construction technology approach for each particular project. He collaborates with the owner, designer, and field supervision to develop the best BIM & VDC strategic plan suited for the project, and executes those established goals. He ensures the firm utilizes the latest technologies and applications and guides the professional standards within the firm.

Ryan Kairis

Ryan Kairis
Director of Project Management (Moderator) 
HSC Builders & Construction Managers, Inc.

Ryan’s 23 years of experience encompasses all aspects of project creation, planning, and execution. He develops and manages each project’s execution strategy inclusive of the cost, schedule, constructability, logistics, safety specific, and quality goals. He is accredited in the Association of Energy Engineers Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP) Program. With his extensive experience, he offers great insight to his clients throughout the project life cycle. Ryan has successfully managed and executed several project types including but not limited to: Pilot Plants, R&D Laboratories, Central Utility Plants, Stability Spaces, and Vivarium Facilities.

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