Delaware Valley Chapter Buz Lange Award

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The Buz Lange Award was established in 1995 by John Cocco, first president of the Delaware Valley Chapter. Currently, we are accepting nominations from the Chapter for an individual who emulates Buz’s leadership, focus on innovation, teamwork and service. Buz was ahead of his time in many ways, which was obvious in his visionary thinking and inclusive behaviors.

Buz, a husband and father of three, received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Villanova University and went on to receive a Master’s in Business Administration from Drexel. He was a strong believer in education both in and out of the classroom. In the 1980’s until his death in 1993, he spent countless hours with ISPE on the local and international level, and he was a mentor for many in the industry. Buz also contributed his talents to children and young adults through his volunteer work in local sports, charities and service projects. He truly found his energy in coaching, refereeing and building needed facilities for little league fields and church initiatives. John Cocco reflects, “Buz was committed to serve others and strongly believed in the concept of sharing best practices and in creating healthy competition resulting in state-of-the-art delivery of medicines to those who need it. Buz leaves an enduring legacy of leadership, operational excellence, advocacy and community service.”

Buz Lange Award Winners

  • 2021 - Mike DeBellis
  • 2019 - Jack Chu
  • 2018 - Bob Matje
  • 2017 - Shannah Falcone
  • 2016 - William J. Dugary
  • 2015 - Robert Hoernlein
  • 2014 - Chuck Clerecuzio, PE, CPIP
  • 2013 - Tom Hartman
  • 2012 - Paul Whitby
  • 2011 - Dennis Gross
  • 2010 - John Holton
  • 2009 - Donna DeFreitas
  • 2008 - Jim Kimmel
  • 2007 - Murray Sterling
  • 2006 - Jim Dolceamore
  • 2005 - Terry Jacobs
  • 2004 - Brian Lange
  • 2003 - Neil A. Ryan
  • 2002 - Bill Brader
  • 2001 - Francis X. Moran
  • 2000 - John G. Cocco
  • 1999 - Peter T. Bigelow
  • 1998 - Andrew A. Signore
  • 1997 - David B. Latta