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Are you interested in supporting the San Diego Chapter? Not sure which committee you might be interested in? Read through out committee descriptions for more information on each. (Listed in alphabetical order)

Learn more about the different committees the San Diego Chapter has to offer. Find any interesting? Contact us for more information and join the team!

* 2024 - 2025 Elections will be June! *

We will opening up the San Diego Board to all ISPE members in June!

Elections will be finalized in August 2024


The Communications Committee is an ideal fit for volunteers with a creative flair and an interest in outreach. Writing, photography and/or graphic arts skills would find a home here, as would social media and other web-based marketing skills and experience. Examples of volunteer opportunities include full committee membership and/or individual projects such as contributing blog posts, updating the website, writing press releases or communicating Chapter news via social media.

The committee focuses on:

  • Provide information about the Chapter’s activities with members and the local life sciences community for the Chapter’s blog, website, email and social media to the Marketing Chair and Website Chair. 
  • Designing the Chapter’s communications strategy with the assistance of outside consultants
  • Meet on a regular basis throughout the year with additional project-focused meetings as needed. 
  • Writing, curating and editing blog posts
  • Coordinating email communications
  • Providing updates for the Chapter’s Website Chair
  • Providing input for social media


The committee focuses on:

  • Providing a lively golf events throughout the year
  • Oversee general organization of tournament promotion and activities. Recruit volunteers to serve on the tournament committee.
  • Support putting on other sporting and networking activities for our members


The committee focuses on:

  • Manage / prepare graphics for each program (technical, social / networking, sports / golf, vendor night), where program manager and chairs provide information on event; this graphic will be used in flyers, LinkedIn posts, email blasts, etc. for promoting the event
  • Define marketing strategy / campaign to promote each event in a timely fashion. This includes but not limited to determining dates when graphics / flyers will be set out, how many times each will be promoted, etc. 
  • When an event is completed, create a post-event post that summarizes highlights from the event


From ISPE Website:

As the pharmaceutical and biotech industry forges new paths and breaks new grounds, ISPE is here to support you on your journey to Shape the Future of PharmaTM! Through an exchange of ideas, best practices, personal development, and other competitive benefits, we proudly provide you, our members the tools they need to reimagine the world and bring hope to the global community.

The committee focuses on: 

  • Including all people in industry in events
  • Increasing membership numbers for the chapter
  • Convert feedback on what members would like to get out of the ISPE chapter into action!
  • Identifying member needs.
  • Recommending the development of services to meet member needs.
  • Promoting an understanding of organizational needs.
  • Coordinate attendance with self or committee to attend each event
  • Communicate to new and existing members about becoming / retaining membership
  • Develop a retention plan
  • Provide Lunch & Learn to End User to promote company's integration to ISPE membership (~5 per annual term) 
  • Increasing membership through recruitment, promotions, etc.


The Committee focuses on:

  • Defining event for the year that suits the members / chapter's values
  • Ensure the chapter follow up and through with successful events
  • Each event requires but is not limited to: location selection, food / drinks, speaker and moderator search with respect to the event topic, collecting event information for other to create graphic and flyer, hosting event. 

Students and Emerging Leaders

  • ISPE’s Emerging Leader (EL) community is for students, recent graduates, and anyone transitioning into the pharmaceutical science, engineering, or technology industry.
  • The Emerging Leader community caters to a diverse range of professionals seeking to expand their network, experience, and knowledge within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Through in-person and virtual engagement opportunities, ISPE’s Emerging Leader community allows you to build your leadership skills and acquire the cutting-edge experience you’ll need to fast-track your path to success.

The committee focuses on: 

  • Emerging leaders and the needs of people at the beginning of their career.
  • The group focuses on social gatherings, education, innovation, and leadership.

Vendor Night

The committee focuses on:

  • Celebrate all local sponsors in the San Diego and North County region in industry.
  • Connect end users and individual contributors with company's that support growth
  • Putting on a successful trade show / vendor night for local businesses to network local people in industry.

Women In Pharma  

From ISPE Website:

  • ISPE's Women in Pharma group is a member-exclusive initiative committed to bridging gender, cultural, organizational, and geographic boundaries to maximize the impact women have on the pharmaceutical industry, and their respective communities.
  • Women in Pharma aspires to create a pharmaceutical industry that is equitable, inclusive, free of biases and stereotypes, where diversity of thought thrives.

The Committee focuses on:

  • Support and empowering events for all people (no matter who)
  • Provide safe space for discussion