About the Philippines Affiliate

October 10, 2008 was a red-letter day for some dedicated & committed professionals of the pharmaceutical industry, national regulatory agency, as well as studentry/faculty in the academe for pharmaceutical science of the country. It marked the inauguration of the newly created ISPE Philippines Affiliate.

While the event was characterized by simple ceremonies, it highlighted the fact that these professionals (engineers, pharmacists, chemists) in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the regulatory body & academe, are one in the quest for a continuing advanced information/technology in the pharmaceutical field that ISPE can provide. The easy access to training sessions/seminars ISPE can provide will contribute to a better understanding of the issues/concerns which currently beset our industry. The resolution of these issues certainly will help in propagating better health care of the country.

In keeping with ISPE International guidelines, the Philippines Affiliate is a ‘not for profit’ organization.

It has recently elected their Board of Directors consisting of 15 volunteers, who are all professionals in the industry and academe and is now busy planning for the activities for the year 2009.

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The Board needs volunteers in the different committees who will actively participate in the various activities of the Organization.