Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter Board


Russell Early, Gilead Sciences
Vice President/Program Chair
Merritt Postma, SKAN US, Inc.
John Vaughn, CAI
Quy Tran, Lives International


Golf Chair
Mark Mourey, CRB
Past President/Social Media Co-Chair
Justin Cantor, PSC Biotech
Young Professionals (YP) Chair
Gaelle Saint Louis, Azzur Group
Vendor Night Chair
Jason Pouler, Siemens
Membership and Sponsor Chair
David Arellano, DPR Construction
Past President/Annual Sponsor Chair
Stu Levenshus, M.D. Stainless Services, Inc.
Past President/Program Committee
Paul Crissman, Biotechnical Solutions
Past President
Scott Tiedge, Intreped Bioprocess Technologies
Student Affairs Chair
Alex Schramm, Banks Integration Group
Women In Pharma Chair
Thao Nguyen, IPS-Integrated Project Services
Social Media Co-Chair
Jasmine Cho, PSC Biotech

Past President
Dona Tseng, Biopharm Express LLC

Past President/Advisory Council Chair
Dan Borton, Amgen


Chapter Manager
Kimberly Syre, Attention To Detail

For contact information, please refer to theĀ ISPE Member Directory.