Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter Board


Dan Borton, Amgen
Vice President
Russell Early, Gilead Sciences
Miguel Cerezo, Amgen Inc
Secretary/Program Chair
Merritt Postma, SKAN US, Inc.
Past President
Tim Cannon, Cannon Building


Past President/Golf Chair
Tom Golden, Thomas M. Golden LLC
Past President/Social Media Chair
Justin Cantor, PSC Biotech
Young Professionals (YP) Chair
Bryan Lemaster, STAAR Surgical
Vendor Night Chair
Quy Tran, Lives International
Membership Chair
David Arellano, DPR Construction
Past President/Annual Sponsor Chair
Stu Levenshus, M.D. Stainless Services, Inc.
Past President/Programs Comm.
Paul Crissman, Biotech Solutions
Past President/Advisory
Scott Tiedge, Intreped Bioprocess Technologies
Student Affairs Chair
Alex Schramm, Banks Integration Group
Women In Pharma Chair
Thao Nguyen, IPS Integrated Project Services
Social Committee Chair
John Vaughn, Commissioning Agents, Inc.
Past President
Dona Tseng, Shire


Chapter Manager
Kimberly Syre, Attention To Detail

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